Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #220

Yes, I know of the words Treasury Secretary Paulson is trying to ram through Congress for the one-trillion-dollar-plus bailout.

The bailout that will still ultimately FAIL.

Everyone else is covering it with sirens blaring.

I don’t think it’ll be approved.

But if it does: Welcome to the Police State.

I warned you:

The Coming Big Bank Grab: Get Your Money NOW!
Buy A Gun. Buy Ammo. NOW.
Buy A Gun. Buy Ammo. Part Two.

The FAIL, by the way, will happen either very late this year or early next.

Either way, I won’t have to blog it. I’ve done my fucking Paul Revere bit. I’m unburdened.

You’re all on your own when the shit hits the fan and all ATMs stop working.

A wikipedia entry of interest.

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