WHY Freedom Of Speech MATTERS, Dammit!

Malaysian blogger to be detained for two years: wife

Malaysia’s most prominent blogger has been ordered to spend two years in detention under internal security laws after being accused of insulting Islam, his wife said Tuesday.

Raja Petra Kamaruddin, a government critic and founder of the Malaysia Today website, has been sent to the Kamunting detention centre in northern Perak state on the order of the home minister, his wife Marina Lee Abdullah told AFP.

His arrest earlier this month was part of a crackdown amid a political crisis in Malaysia, as Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi faces calls to quit from within his cabinet and a mounting challenge by the opposition.

“(Police) said my husband has been sent to Kamunting this morning and that he will remain there for two years with no trial. This is the worst news I can receive but we will keep fighting for his release,” Marina said.

Raja Petra’s lawyer Amarjit Sidhu said the government had pulled a “mean, dirty trick” by issuing the detention order the night before a scheduled court hearing on Tuesday to secure his release.

“The government can now hide behind a veil of secrecy because they do not have to disclose reasons for detaining him,” he told AFP.

We take it for granted.


And if you see a product with Made In Malaysia on it, don’t buy it!

Boycott Malaysia.

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