Red Sony Reader: REAL Pictures!

A kind soul who wishes to remain uncredited sent me three real pictures of the red Sony Reader!

Click to make big!

OK, now is it tempt-o-liciously gorgeous and lustitastically irresistible?


Previously here:

FIRST PHOTOS! Red Sony Reader!!

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3 Comments on “Red Sony Reader: REAL Pictures!”

  1. marianimal Says:

    are you gonna get one? i looooooooove mine. can’t believe they announced an updated product, and aren’t having any cool colors for it. or, at least i only saw the black one. bo-ring!

  2. mikecane Says:

    As I’ll eventually be saying in an upcoming post, I think they went with the black color to woo business users.

  3. […] – the PRS-700. Will I buy one? I want a Sony Reader. But my head is all bollixed now. I love the red 505. But if I were to buy it and strangely discover that I want to read in the dark or in lighting too […]

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