Warren Buffett Must Be DRAFTED

I’m listening to Warren Buffett on CNBC (8AM EDST hour).

The government should draft him to head the bailout.

And I mean draftas in he does not get to say No.

He has people who can take care of his holdings.

We need him to clear up this mess in a way that will profit the American people and keep the entire system from crashing.

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One Comment on “Warren Buffett Must Be DRAFTED”

  1. Shugger Says:

    Hmmm sounds a lot like Atlas Shrugged.
    Pretty evil.

    In any case, I’m having a laugh with this blog… it’s late 2009 and….. nothing. A lot of paranoia, that’s all.

    I’ve lived in third world countries… and really, the US is very, very far from that in the foreseeable future.

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