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Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #251: Countdown

September 26, 2008

There are now only eight days left.

Warren Ellis On Sherlock Holmes

September 26, 2008

I was rummaging through the treasure chest of Warren Ellis’s archive looking for something else and came up with this gem of an essay:


The actor Jeremy Brett found his way into his portrayal of Sherlock Holmes by giving the original stories the first close reading they’d had by an actor in many years. He found this line: “Holmes wriggled with pleasure in his chair.” And that was it. He was in. His pale, spidery, twitchy and explosive Holmes made everyone before him look stupid.

Go read the rest.

That also sent me to my old blog, because I recalled I put a picture of Jeremy Brett there (it’s now here). What I forgot was a posting about some Sherlock Holmes episodes with Brett on YouTube. Shockingly, some of those are still up for viewing. If you like what you see, buy the DVDs!

Astak eBook Reader

September 26, 2008

MobileRead has the press release: Astak’s press release for the EZ Reader

Astak has an old description of three models of eBook readers here.

One bit of the press release I can’t allow to go unscathed:

This unit has been a total of 8 years in development. Our band of eBook Reader bashers tried hard to get this to “hang up” or show a glitch. and it is as error-free and solid as you will find!

Emphasis added by me.

Uh, say what? Eight years?

Sony did its original eBook reader, the Librie, in 2004:

The LIBRIe reader is the result of a three-year collaboration between Sony, Royal Philips Electronics, Toppan Printing and E Ink.

Emphasis added by me.

That would put the Librie in 2001 for a development start.

Yet Astak (who?) claims it began in 2000?

Nikki Finke Finds Time To Laugh

September 26, 2008

Hollywood Gentiles Have A Lot To Learn

And, as always, read the Comments too!

Jack Cafferty: Sarah Palin

September 26, 2008

Jack Cafferty Tells Us How He Really Feels About Sarah Palin

And if that isn’t enough to scare the shit out of you, look what a publication not given to bombast has to say after a different video clip on their site. The Economist: The Palin interview

I think what we’re seeing is someone who thought she knew everything discover how little she actually knows, and it terrifies her.


U.S. National Debt Clock

September 26, 2008

U.S. National Debt Clock

Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #250: Roubini

September 26, 2008

We Won’t Escape the Worst Recession in 40 Years

We’re in the process of emerging from eight years of a fanatical administration, free market zealots who opposed any financial regulation. Because of their stupidity, we’ve been plunged into the most serious financial crisis since that of 1929.

— Nouriel Roubini

As it turns out, I’ve quoted Roubini before in this blog.

He was the first one, I think, to increase the possible losses to two trillion dollars: The Two Trillion Dollar Spree. That post was put here January 2nd.

As of today, September 26, the figure is now forty-six trillion dollars.

— via Twitter from UrmiRaj14

Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #249: WaMu 2

September 26, 2008

WARNING: GRAPHIC! Controlled Demolition IN PROGRESS — WaMu implodes, JPMorgan devours carcass

Let this sink into your brain for a moment.

They’re [J.P. Morgan] aquiring none of its [Washington Mutual] liabilities and all of its assets for a mere $1.9 billion dollars.

$1,900,000,000 divided by 5400 branches is approximately $351,851.85.

That’s an entire fucking branch of a commercial bank for less than the price of a one family semi-attached home in a middle class neighborhood in NYC! PLUS – they’re most definitely getting all their secured assets for pennies on the dollar as a bonus – no doubt worth billions!

Emphasis added by me.

OK, now do you see what the math is shaping up as?

Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #248: Gold Coins

September 26, 2008

US Mint suspends sale of 24-karat gold coins

WASHINGTON (AP) – The U.S. Mint is temporarily halting sales of its popular American Buffalo 24-karat gold coins because it can’t keep up with soaring demand as investors seek the safety of gold amid economic turbulence.

Mint spokesman Michael White said Friday that the sales were being suspended because demand for the coins, which were first introduced in 2006, has exceeded supply and the Mint’s inventory of the coins has been depleted.


Maroney said that demand for the one-ounce American Eagle coins was “through the roof.” He said Monex still had American Buffalos available Friday because the company had recently stocked up on them.

Emphasis added by me.

The run has begun.

Bank Collapse Watch: National City

September 26, 2008

Wall Street Journal tweeted that National City shares are tanking:

Kamer on CNBC just leaked that the Feds will soon seize this bank.