Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #244: US$2.00

Nomura pays only $2 for Lehman Brothers European unit

TOKYO — Nomura Holdings Inc paid only $2 for the European and Middle Eastern equities and investment banking operations of collapsed Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc, sources familiar with the transaction said Friday.

Some people still don’t believe what’s going on.

If in one of my first posts, I’d stated, “Lehman Brothers will go bankrupt and part of its overseas operations will be bought for only US$2.00,” not only would everyone have laughed, they would have all forgotten it in the intervening nine months.

And if I had gone into that level of detail in my posts, naming which companies would implode, the self-deluded doubters would comfort themselves with this snarkiness: “Lucky guess!”

Doubters will be the first to die. All self-inflicted.

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