Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #296: SCAM!

This link is for the PDF of the bill the Senate will vote on tonight.

This is the Bailout Bill.

I want to you to look at just one thing that’s in this bill. These are two screen snaps from Adobe Reader:

Click = big

This is just the part I highlighted in red:

Click = big

Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?

Hello, McFly! This is a bill to try to stave off the collapse of the entire world’s financial system yet some son of a bitch is thinking about wooden arrow shafts?!

Wooden fucking arrow shafts?!!?

In a time of urgent global crisis?!

This is the wording of it, on page 300:

23 (a) IN GENERAL.—Paragraph (2) of section 4161(b)
24 is amended by redesignating subparagraph (B) as sub301

[new page]

1 paragraph (C) and by inserting after subparagraph (A)
2 the following new subparagraph:
4 ARROW SHAFTS.—Subparagraph (A) shall not
5 apply to any shaft consisting of all natural
6 wood with no laminations or artificial means of
7 enhancing the spine of such shaft (whether sold
8 separately or incorporated as part of a finished
9 or unfinished product) of a type used in the
10 manufacture of any arrow which after its as11
12 ‘‘(i) measures 5⁄16 of an inch or less in
13 diameter, and
14 ‘‘(ii) is not suitable for use with a bow
15 described in paragraph (1)(A).’’.
16 (b) EFFECTIVE DATE.—The amendments made by
17 this section shall apply to shafts first sold after the date
18 of enactment of this Act.

Can you imagine Franklin Roosevelt going before Congress after Pearl Harbor and requesting a Declaration of War and some dim bastard tries to sneak in a paragraph about tax breaks for wooden arrow shafts?!

Who put that in there?

Why was that put in there?

The person who did that should be thrown out for trivializing his oath of office! This person not only has no goddammed business being in the Senate (the Senate!!), but he has shown no appreciation for the crisis at hand — and therefore should be made exempt from all other duties, post-haste.

I hope the person is found out and resigns in shame and disgrace.

You disgust me.

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3 Comments on “Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #296: SCAM!”

  1. Ryan Says:

    This is a hoax!
    Mike, the speculators bet wrong. It’s like going to a casino with an insurance policy.

  2. mikecane Says:

    @SKFK: Thanks for that link. Jesus. Now we know the culprits!

    @Ryan: Then WTF?!

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