From Space:1999 To Space:2099

Looking for a clip from the first episode of Space:1999, Breakaway, I came across some YouTube videos of something called Space:2099.

It has its own website.

I played hooky for a total of several hours today watching this. Some of it is simply spectacular!

They’ve enhanced the special effects — and it’s all seamless!

They’ve done things I didn’t know were possible, like revising the Year Two titles with the classic Barry Gray/Vic Elms theme music and visual editing of Year One:

Those title shots never existed!

And they’ve given the date a breathtaking dynamic animation that has to be seen!

They’ve even corrected mistakes, like this classic error, which was originally the dark side of the Moon:

They also redesigned the Travel Tube to conform to the standing set!

This is all professional-level work. The sound editing especially surprises me. You’ll think they had access to the multitrack masters! They insert new music and it’s as if it was always in the episode!

They’ve also changed the chronology to integrate a coherent timeline (something the original series lacked big time!) and created a brand-new episode out of two of them!

I disliked this kind of thing when CBS did it to Star Trek. My sentiments here are different because this is a labor of love, created by Eric Bernard. I’d probably feel it was a desecration if it was a commercial product (which is actually Bernard’s hope!).

I wonder if Gerry Anderson has seen this?

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