Writers With Lottery-Like Money

The World’s Best Paid Authors

J.K. Rowling, of course, tops the list. She’s sold over 375 million books. Think about that. That’s a fraction of a billion books.

At the bottom of the article is a link to what the MSM considers a slideshow of the writers. Some slideshow! It reloads the entire damned page. S-l-o-w-l-y. Get a clue of how Web 2.0 works, willya?

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4 Comments on “Writers With Lottery-Like Money”

  1. Digital Dame Says:

    I suppose I ask too much to just once see something of real literary merit, instead of spy thrillers and murder mysteries make a decent showing. I’ll admit I’ve read all the HP books and thoroughly enjoyed them, although Rowling is the only author on the list whose books I’ve read. The rest of them just don’t appeal to me. I tried reading a Stephen King book, I think it was “The Stand” but couldn’t get through it.

  2. mikecane Says:

    I don’t know what you mean by “literary merit.” I’ve torpedoed that argument by repeatedly citing the case of Raymond Chandler. Ignored and ridiculed in his time, his works survive, are now considered literature, and all those who got the attention he was denied are now *out of print* (and deservedly so!).

    Have you read Ken Bruen? He writes the “murder mysteries” you seem to disdain — but go read his Jack Taylor series. If *that* isn’t literature, the definition needs revision.

    If you mean the shallow pop stuff that most of those authors fall into, hey, I’d be happy to see writers less popular (who, in my opinion, write better — and better books) at least *making a living* as *writers*. I, for one, wouldn’t *want* $300M! It’d give me nightmares (and JK doesn’t look very happy went caught off-guard).

    Also see:

  3. Digital Dame Says:

    I’ve never heard of Ken Bruen, but that doesn’t mean anything. My experience with the murder mystery genre has not been good: wooden characters that are caricatures of themselves, little or no character development, weak storylines, cliche, purple prose… you get the idea. You have to admit that most of what gets published isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on.

    Danielle Steele is another most un-favorite. I won’t even get into the whole romance genre.

  4. mikecane Says:

    I totally understand your aversion to murder mysteries. Trust me, I had the same aversion and even mention it here:

    It was Bruen who introduced me to the good stuff, starting with his own.

    Ken Bruen, Victor Gischler, Derek Raymond, John Straley, and Christopher Fowler are five crime fiction authors you should read. If you want to start out light, get Full Dark House by Christopher Fowler and read through the next five books of that inspiring series.

    Posts in which I’ve done Fowler:

    Then go to John Straley and read all of his Cecil series. Then Victor Gischler (all standalone novels), then Ken Bruen (his Jack Taylor series, beginning with The Guards).

    If you have a tough spirit — and I mean TOUGH! — jump into Derek Raymond’s Factory series, which starts with He Died with His Eyes Open. But, really, start with Fowler. Save Raymond for last. He’ll sear your soul.

    All of this is top-level work that will open to your eyes,

    I had the same prejudice as you have. It’s depriving you of seriously great reading!

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