Sony Forgets It Has The Sony Reader!

Following a bread crumb trail from Engadget to Marketwatch, I come upon a special promotional site Sony has set up as a tie-in to the latest 007 movie.

At this site, there is a Cover Flow carousel of Sony products.

I go through it.

No Sony Reader!


This despite the fact the Sony Reader will be taking part in this 007 promotion!

The Special Edition Bond bundle for the Reader Digital Book features an embossed cover with a 007 logo and coupon codes for free downloads from the Sony eBook Store of Ian Fleming’s novels Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace.

Emphasis added by me.

I can understand if they don’t want to unveil this super-secret embossed cover until the movie debuts in November but damn, why not just show the Sony Reader anyway to generate interest? — and to show that Sony even knows it exists!

Really, Sony, don’t you understand that if (when!) Amazon does some sort of promo like this that the abominable Kindle will be waved in everyone’s face more than McCain waves Palin?

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