Blog Notes: Arrrrgh

My plans for today are to do Sony Reader posts. I’m not sure yet how I’ll do them. There might be one long post or two long posts.

Those are my plans.

Unfortunately, it looks like the world’s financial system is determined to do a belly-flop onto all of us today. To the world’s economy: STFU! You’re no fun anymore.

As for these Sony Reader posts, when they will appear today depends on Sony. I’m still awaiting the electronic press kit. And I’m trying to find someone who can break under interrogation answer some questions I have about what I saw last night — and its implications. I did not have a good night’s sleep. The PRS-700 taunted me.

I have some crapcam pictures. Fewer than I thought. The crapcam decided to be ultra crappy last night. At some point, it just dropped dead on me, deciding to not take any more pictures. And it wouldn’t let me know that had stopped working. Goddammed thing pulled a wildcat strike on me! I blame Sony for this. It made the crapcam feel ashamed!

While I await Sony’s reply, some Doom posts coming up.

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