Sony Reader: The Revolution Is Televised

I’ve spent more time than I thought I ever could fascinated by the two webcams Sony has set up at DataVision here in New York City.

Remember this post? — Sony Reader Revolution: FAIL!

Sony admitted that specific Borders event was FAIL.

Outside of DataVision is what the Reader Revolution is all about. Check out this sleek action!

Three young women. I saw them arrive. They all pulled out their cellphones to tell friends what they were seeing!

One of the Reader Revolutionaries moves in.

Yes! One of them scores some hands-on Sony Reader action!

Meanwhile, Dave Farrow continues with his Sony Reader-thon.

Huh? Where’s the third young woman?

Dave Farrow is meeting her! In the window!

She’s taken his place to read while he takes a break! (Thanks, Maureen! The inside cam has sound!)

Break over, Farrow is back. Look at him use the proper thumb paging technique!

Then the Reader Revolutionary gets another person to try the Sony Reader!

And another!

And yet another!

This is WIN!

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