Sony Reader Revolution Cam #4

The camera has been moved!



Less of chair back, more of bed!

There was also some strange action out front:

A guy on a ladder …

… talking on a cellphone …

… doing something with duct tape …

… and a level.

He served an actual purpose for this blog. He caught the street Reader Revolution cam in reflection:

At about 1:12PM, Farrow took a break and a lovely young woman sat in:

I didn’t time her, but she cracked in less than two minutes! Really!

A poor showing from the eBook-less unwashed general public!

What I’m not seeing at all today are any blue-shirted Reader Revolutionaries out there! It’s Saturday, for god’s sake, with thousands of people on the street! All there’s been is this guy:

Who logs the pages being read, sometimes chats up the public, and tries to recruit someone to read to give Farrow a break and save his sanity (will the guy crack?!).

He couldn’t recruit them, however!

At 1:56PM, a relief reader from the public named Tia came in:

They gave her a red Sony Reader to use!!

She sat like this for about twenty-five minutes. Oblivious to me yelling, “Move yer head! Woman, move yer noggin! I want a screensnap of the red Sony Reader, dammit!!!”

Finally, at the end, she did:

She not only read a short story, she got up to page fifteen of Before You Take That Pill, which she said she now has to buy! She thought the Sony Reader was — quoting — “awesome!”

Farrow got back in his perch:

I wonder how many pounds Farrow’s going to gain?

Chin up, Farrow. One day I’ll stop by to relieve you! And I’ll do a half-hour at least. Alert your wife. You can go have a fast and frenzied shag somewhere.

Meanwhile, out front …

… thousands of people and no Reader Revolutionaries to save their paper-book-sinning souls!!

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