Sony Reader Revolution Cam #5

OMFGZ!!!! While I wasn’t looking, a Reader Revolutionary showed up!

Yellow halo glow not included

She’s not been very effective and has been out of camera range a lot. That’s a mistake. I’ve seen people go up to the frikkin window and bend over to look at the three colors of Sony Reader. If that doesn’t express interest, what does? She should have been there to pounce!

Hell, Reader Revolutionaries, pretend you’re Hari Krishna or Moonies or Obama or Palin fanatics! Must I come down there and whip you all into blithering submission? (No, that would do no good. I can never have fun!)

Trust me. You don’t want me to demonstrate technique. It’d involve tackling. Especially of lithe blonde wimminz! It wouldn’t matter to me if the lovely young yellowhairs couldn’t read. I’d patiently teach them how. Especially at night. In their bedrooms! The sacrifices I’d make for eBookdom!

Meanwhile, Farrow got another hot sexpot young woman to sub for him. And this time I noticed they put up a sign during that.

That’s what’s been missing all this time: A Big Fat Sign. A sign explaining what’s going on so poor Farrow doesn’t have to scream through the bloody window to say, “I’m reading!!!!”

I hate it when he does that.

Makes my ears bleed.

Update: She might not have been a Reader Revolutionary after all. But the blue shirt, her holding what looked like a Sony Reader (it had the Silver’s tan cover!), and her trying to get attention, all looked like Reader Revolutionary activity to me. But she’s been off-cam for a half hour now.

Update 2: She is a Reader Revolutionary. She busted herself:

But also redeemed herself:


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