Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #304: Fukuyama

Newsweek: The Fall of America, Inc.

In a long and rambling article that tries to smuggle through many premises that should be examined more closely than he has, Fukuyama becomes FuckYouyama when he tries to pull this shit:

And while fewer non-Americans are likely to listen to our advice, many would still benefit from emulating certain aspects of the Reagan model. Not, certainly, financial-market deregulation. But in continental Europe, workers are still treated to long vacations, short working weeks, job guarantees and a host of other benefits that weaken their productivity and will not be financially sustainable.

What he leaves out after that period: According to the Anything Goes Fuck You Worker Bees Hypercapitalist Dollar Uber Alles Model.

Apparently he believes human beings are nothing but Economic Units and productivity is all.

Hey, you overeducated eejit, what about quality of life? What about — OMFGZ!!! I’m such a blasphemous heretic! — actually being able to enjoy life?

That’s something you can’t shove into your fucking Excel spreadsheet, jackass.

But you better find a way to account for it.

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