Sony Reader: Yes! She Gets It!!

Sony Reader: Thoughts on using it for the first time

I cannot tell you how much I lovvvvved reading this bit:

The other benefit I quite liked was the ability to hold the book in one hand and to use that same hand to turn the pages. I found it very comfortable to hold it in my left-hand, with my left thumb sitting over the left-hand button at the bottom of the reader. Whenever I wanted to turn the page I simply pressed the > button.

Yes, she gets it!!!

I also loved this too:

The only thing I really missed, aside from the lack of blurb, was the ability to flick ahead to see where the next chapter started to determine whether it was worth reading to the end or putting the book down mid-chapter.

Ha! I do the same thing with paper books!

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One Comment on “Sony Reader: Yes! She Gets It!!”

  1. steveballmer Says:

    Disappointment, that’s all I feel about this!

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