A Small Intro To ePublishing

A Look at E-Publishing

This was published in August, but it’s all new to me — and probably to you too.

On the whole, E-Publishers don’t want books written for New York. They want things New York would never consider. Why? Because people who want to buy New York books will buy them from the same places you’d submit them to. E-Publishing isn’t about publishing more of the same. It’s about alternative books for an alternative market.

I’d like to see some specifics there as to what precisely are those things “New York would never consider.”

There’s another post that caught my eye: What Titles Evoke

But one thing I think writers often forget is that the image a title evokes is just as important as the words in the title. Let’s take the two examples I used already. The Accidental Demon Slayer is a fabulous and fun title and immediately you get the feeling that this is going to be a fun fantasy. You might not pick up that it’s paranormal romance, but that has actually worked to Angie’s advantage since the audience for the book has bled over to fantasy readers. The Naked Duke gives you an image of a fun, sexy romance. Which it is. But what about a title like The Case of the Missing Sword. When I hear a title like that I think of Nancy Drew or something similar. I think of a light mystery very possibly geared to a young adult audience.

Some interesting reading there.

One thing I must point out: This is ePublishing at a certain point in time. It won’t be the same thing, say, a year from now.

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2 Comments on “A Small Intro To ePublishing”

  1. >>I’d like to see some specifics there as to what precisely are those things “New York would never consider.”<<

    Prior to this year, Male/Male erotic romance, targeting female readers. New York finally sat up and started paying attention to the types of erotic romance novels women were buying online.

    Here’s another interesting link for you:


    And I agree with you; the face of ePublishing is changing every day. Just one of the many reasons I find this business so exciting. :-)

  2. mikecane Says:

    Geez. I had no freaking idea. I had no idea any of that existed when I posted this:

    I am sooo behind the curve (in, uh, you know, a *non*-erotica sense).

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