Blog Notes: Sony Reader Part Three Delay AGAIN!

If I decide to do another blog after this one is put to sleep on 12/31/08, one thing I’ll have to be mindful of is to not pick a topic that’s going to grow like a goddammed aggressive cancer as the year progresses!

That’s what’s happened with my posts monitoring the economy.

What began as the fifth post on January 1st has grown to consume entire days.

Why can’t I get more non-Doom posts done?

It’s because of Microsoft.

This PC becomes increasingly hobbled with the passage of each day. Things I used to be able to do with sleek aplomb I can no longer do.

Just about everything I try to do has a multi-second delay running interference.

Posting is slower than it used to be.

Trying to edit a photo just about requires shutting down Firefox completely!

Trying to upload photos to both the WordPress blog and the Blogger backup blog is almost a heart-attack-inducing experience. Sometimes it takes up to thirty seconds for the file directory dialog to show me the photos! No, the hard drive does not spin during this. The entire PC acts as if it has been put into a state of stasis! No life at all. Except the sounds of my VERY LOUD SCREAMING at it.

Even trying to save something as simple as a screensnap has become hellish. I go to the Start menu and click on Paint (it’s nailed there). Seconds go by … and no Paint! I click on it again. Seconds pass. I scream!!! I get two instances of Paint!

Then when I tell it to save the BMP as a JPEG, I get the thirty-second file selector delay kicking in!

This shit is killing my biological incarnation.

Bill Maher has his New Rules.

I’d like a New Rule: For every multi-second delay I experience on this PC, someone at Microsoft should drop dead!

So now you know why Part Three is not appearing today.

And no, don’t tell me I have a virus or something. I’ve scanned the shit out of this PC. Had the Registry deep-cleaned. Nothing, nothing, nothing has helped.

So, all you smiley-smiley Microsofties who pollute the world with your utter shit — start dropping dead!

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2 Comments on “Blog Notes: Sony Reader Part Three Delay AGAIN!”

  1. Mycropht Says:

    Have you tried Process Explorer to see what is strangling your PC?

    A nice article on the subject:,2845,2331414,00.asp

    I would really like to see the Part Three, enough to come to fix your PC myself but that is not possible for geographical reasons. :)

  2. mikecane Says:

    Thanks for those links. I will give them a try!

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