Free eBook: Space: 1999 – Breakaway Part II

Space: 1999 – Breakaway Part II

September 13, 1999: Massive thermonuclear explosions have propelled Earth’s moon into interstellar space on an odyssey without end. The very survival of the 311 souls aboard Moonbase Alpha will soon become a matter of life and death when they encounter the planet Terra Nova.

But before then, the untold story of the day after Breakaway — starting on September 14, 1999 — will be finally revealed.

And the survivors on the wayward moon will depend on one another as never before. Amidst the chaos, heroes are born–and die–as they face newfound challenges. But one amongst them will work tirelessly to undermine the authority within Alpha itself.

Available as a PDF file or OpenDocument format.

It’s fan fiction. Two more titles here.

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2 Comments on “Free eBook: Space: 1999 – Breakaway Part II”

  1. mikecane Says:

    Yeah, Cliff, that was all over the Net last week. I finally got a chance to cite it today, here:

    I anticipated that months ago:

    — but I’ll have to post an update to that, because despite what’s happened with the iPhone/iPod Touch, I *still* have lust-o-rama for the Sony Reader. Especially the RED one. *sigh*

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