Blog Notes: Overwhelmed

The Doom news just keeps coming faster and worser. I have enough for thirty posts today. I can’t squeeze that many through this damned PC, though.

I did try running Process Explorer, as recommended in a Comment here. It didn’t help. It didn’t show anything rogue going on in my system. This is simply the natural Microsoft bloatware cloggage that’s happening. I should have kept XP as it was, never, ever done any of the Updates. I’ve rolled some Updates back, but I’m as far back as it’ll go. Result = suckage.

The news today is of a cheeeeeep new MacBook coming on October 14th.

I’ve been hashing that over with some people on Twitter. Bluetooth is something cheap things always drop. I also wonder if it’ll have one USB port. And if inside it’ll be simply an MSI Wind. That’s not a bad thing, but it’s not what people would expect from Apple.

Which probably means this low-priced MacBook is the product transition mentioned earlier. And all this time I’d hoped for an iPod Touchbook to be that transition.

Next up, two videos: one about the new Sony Reader PRS-700 plus the Reader Revolution campaign!

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