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Fans: Now Brand Ambassadors!

October 11, 2008

Lookit me, I’m now a Brand Ambassador of the Sony Reader!

So say the marketeers behind AMC’s TV series, Mad Men.

You hear that, Jim Malcolm of Sony? I want my Sony-branded papers, please!

— Via Twitter from TaxMan45

Photo Album: New York City, Baby!

October 11, 2008

All photos taken with the Philips crapcam.

First two photos taken Tuesday, October 7, 2008:

Seated in front of the New York Stock Exchange is a certified Life Coach (the sign says so!), one of those bottom-feeders who prey on the ineptness and insecurities of others.

The New York Stock Exchange, aka Satan’s Branch Of Greed On Earth.

Remaining photos taken today, Saturday, October 11, 2008:

The corporate logos you see have nothing to do with the mural, which is below a freaking building-high ad for a videogame. Keep your gated community and sterile suburbs. This mural is exquisite. Only in New York City, mofos!

Our graffiti is better than yours. It’s Art!

Our street artists will create at home and bring it outside to tack it up!

Satan has an outlet store here too: That’s a Hello Kitty toaster!

And we know evil when we see it, dammit:

Satan’s Bitch. Too bad the crapcam cut off her horns!

This is New York City, baby.

You stay where the hell you are.

The rents are already too high for people like me — who deserve this city.