Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #332: 1930s

This is from CNN. CNN!

Great Depression holds lessons for surviving tough economy

Some briefs:

The couple would catch wild hogs, feed them corn for a year and eat them once the wild taste was out of the scavenging animals. They also took advantage of available squirrel meat, a common food in the South at that time.

“It was a uniquely disgusting thing … to see my grandfather take a stewed, skinned squirrel’s head, smack the skull’s dome with a heavy silver tablespoon, and dine on the brains,” LeBlanc said.


Saving is a habitual behavior for those who have lived through the Great Depression, says Anjanette Sanchez of Globe, Arizona. Her grandmother, Vera Vasquez, had a difficult time with the Great Depression and seemed to be scarred by it long after.

“She spoke of the time with great disgust in her voice as if it was the most awful time of her life,” Sanchez said. “She mostly spoke of being hungry and having to wear old boots that didn’t fit.”

And eternal advice discarded by our Too Kewl Culture:

Elrod said her grandfather had to be careful to whom he gave credit and learned many smart business secrets along the way. He passed them along to Elrod:

1. Always do the right thing.
2. Take care of the customer.
3. Pay attention to details.
4. Know the people with whom you are doing business.
5. NEVER borrow money without a clear plan for how you will pay it back.

I’d say all five were trampled underneath the wingtips of the sociopathic Suits as they rushed to grab their handfuls of unearned swag.

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