Sony Reader: UK Ad Blitz

I had to go to the UK Times and this caught my eye off to the right side of the front page:

(Composite; I added the Times Online logo)

They’ve got a big ad-article over there: Sony Reader: A library at your fingertips

This is a bit dicey, I think:

For those who feel that a mobile library of 160 books may not be enough, the built-in MemoryStick DUO and SD Card slots can be used to increase the Reader’s capacity to around 13,000 titles.

Emphasis added by me.

Hey, Sony, how about a YouTube video proving that statement?

I’ve already had to caution against the hopes of someone in the Comments who wanted to drop twelve-thousand Gutenberg texts into a Sony Reader!

I don’t believe the Sony Reader can easily handle 12,000-13,000 eBooks. That’s not to disparage it (I don’t think an iPhone could do it, either; and on my XPed desktop, the 1.8GHz Celeron chokes on the My Pictures folder I have), just to set realistic limits.

Other than that minor skepticism, I’m gratified to see Sony doing some Net-visible advertising.

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2 Comments on “Sony Reader: UK Ad Blitz”

  1. Yael Says:

    Hey, you know what sony haven’t done yet?

    adventure books. like “if you want to open the door go to page___”
    They went boring fast in paper but they can be kind of cool on sony reader.
    And another one, graphic quest games. of the same idea.
    After all Sony reader is not just a paper book
    What do you think?

  2. mikecane Says:

    Sony doesn’t publish the eBooks, they only sell them.

    Yes, eBooks can be much more than simply linear text and there are people out there who want to do that kind of eBook, so they’ll probably be coming as soon as Sony’s eBook Store is open for direct publishing.

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