Writer Joseph Devon: Content And Link

And also this, first: This City Rarely Disappoints

Whenever I’m not sure what to write about or am locked into a boring mental cycle I’ve found that the greatest cure in the world is to go walk around Manhattan a bit.

Go see the picture. It’s killer. Beats all of mine!

Second: Write six words; win a Kindle

Okay, so here it is.

The Matthew and Epp stories don’t have a name. I’m having no luck thinking of one. So you’re going to think of one.

I’m starting a contest where you can submit possible titles, I’ll pick my favorite, and the winner gets either an Amazon Kindle or a Sony Reader, your choice. Runners up get signed copies of the book. The contest will run until mid-ish December.

The details are contained in the “Contest” tab at the top of the page.

Go read. Go enter.

Finally, this: A quick link

Which is soooo damned interesting but I’ll use the quote he used, which snagged my interest and made me go there:

“He’s reading his phone.” Think about how alien that sounds. Think about how somebody from just half a generation ago would try to parse that sentence: “He’s reading his phone.” It sounds like something out of a Haruki Murakami novel. You might as well tell a record company executive that people have started listening to their cameras. And in fact, they have. Welcome to the future.

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