Writer Matthew Gallagher: Jump On It!

Great minds think alike… so don’t freak out.

Oh, how it used to freak me out! To see things seemingly plucked from the sanctity of my mind becoming the “creation” and “property” of others. And then I ran across advice of the sort Matthew is giving here, which is advice every writer should read and let sink deeply into the brain.

I’ll cheat (and probably drive him up the wall!) by going straight for the point, with the last paragraph:

The only thing to learn from it, is that when you have a good idea, you need to seize upon it, and really work to make it happen, or else you’ll see it done by someone else, and making them money. When that happens I suppose you could legitimately get mad, but only at yourself for your own procrastination.

But go read all of it.

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One Comment on “Writer Matthew Gallagher: Jump On It!”

  1. Wow, I used a lot of commas in that sentence!

    Some of them may not have been all together that useful.

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