Writer Melanie Phillips: Election USA 2008

America’s first far-left radical President?

Please don’t get me wrong. I am not a particular fan of John McCain. I think he is indeed erratic, and has run a lousy campaign. And the exhausted Republicans deserve to lose. But the prospect of Obama in the White House as America’s first far-Left radical president is deeply worrying.

She summarizes the dirt others have been sweeping under the rug in this election (although her take on Palin is itself worrying — in that it reveals my fellow Americans are dumber than even I imagined!).

Go give it a good read.

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3 Comments on “Writer Melanie Phillips: Election USA 2008”

  1. Mark Kraft Says:

    As an American, I can say with some certainty that Melanie Phillips is a writer of fiction.

    If you go to the adn.com website for Anchorage news, they will make it clear that Sarah Palin did, infact, violate state ethics requirements, regardless of whether she would ordinarily have the right to hire and fire her staff. Likewise, Sarah Palin also has a serious tax problem relating to unpaid taxes on per diem payments taken for living in her own house.

    Is this worthy of mockery by critics? Sure. Is it likely to get her arrested? Not in front of an Alaskan jury. It it likely to discredit her for many American voters… along with her extremist positions on abortion? Yes. She’s very unpopular and polarizing with a majority of Americans, most of whom view her as wildly unqualified and a scary person to have power.

    Ultimately though, this election is about McCain and Obama… and Obama is winning because he’s a smarter, more talented individual who’s riding the tide of history.

    The “relationship with William Ayers” is garbage, in that Ayers is not a convicted criminal, never killed anyone, and has been a professor and community leader for years. To suggest that being on the same charity board as a former 60s radical is dangerous… *THAT* is a dangerous idea, frankly! Only boring, overtly political, intellectually incurious people don’t know others who might be considered radicals. Does McCain know and associate with several of the current crop of racists, and advocates of violence, etc? Sure he does. But somehow, old hippies turned teachers and charitable leaders are a threat to society. Yeahright…

    The Annenberg Fund — created by the very Republican Annenbergs — and the Woods Fund channeled money in to “extreme radical” groups?! Proof, please! And proof that it did this because of Obama or Ayers! Both organizations are longstanding, respectable local charitable groups that have been around for ages. Really, she’s regurgitating smears made by discredited individuals that even the rightwing disavow, and she doesn’t even defend her claims! Indeed, she knows nothing personally about what she is writing about, having never been to Chicago in her entire life!

    As for Pastor Wright, I think that most Americans view Obama’s relationship with him as largely irrelevant to his political behavior. It would be nice if people such as Melanie Phillips could point out how Obama’s actions in the U.S. Senate have personally benefited either Ayers or Wright… because if they have no influence,… well… then who cares about either Wright or Ayers?

    Really, to believe this stuff is to throw Occam’s razor out the window… the simplest answer for Obama ever associating to any extent with Ayers, or contunuing his association with Wright for as long as he did is simple… it was to his benefit. Just like McCain and Hagee, the radical preacher whose endorsement he sought after, who said that Hitler was fulfilling God’s will by killing the Jews.

    As for ACORN, while they are supported by a wide variety of small, splinter political orgs, including homeless alliances, left-leaning organizations, etc., that hardly means that their goal of raising money and spending it to hire people to get people registered in traditionally poor areas is a bad one. The “New Party” as mentioned, doesn’t even have any clear direct links to Obama, other than the fact that they endorsed him in a local Chicago race. The group isn’t a radical Marxist organization… it’s democratic and pro-socialist policies, in a manner that would be very familiar to people in Sweden and other countries that have been far more successful in dealing with low-income housing than the U.S.

    In short, Ms. Phillips writes about a bunch of things she doesn’t have firsthand knowledge about, in a manner that is completely unsupported, stating that somehow Americans view Palin’s *KNOWN*, *STATED*, out-of-touch positions on issues and love her for them, while they view Obama’s disavowed, unsubstantiated, supposed positions on issues based on a wild web of political associations as proof that he’s dangerous.

    The thing is, the American people are seeing all these claims out there… and they’re less supported by facts than Iraq’s WMDs. It’s bullshit, written for the benefit of that stalwart “news” source, the Spectator.

    Can it be any clearer that she’s not a serious journalist on these issues?!

  2. Mark Kraft Says:

    To be accurate, Melanie Phillip’s screeds are probably written primarily for the benefit of the Daily Mail… but they are a right-wing tabloid, so that’s not a huge shock.

    This is, of course, the same Daily Mail once run by a man who openly supported Hitler and Mussolini. No “suspicion of association” or distant connections that were denounced and disavowed… no… Lord Rothermere once wrote an article, “Hurrah for the Blackshirts”! It was the Daily Mail’s chief war correspondent, George Ward Price, who published a book, I Know These Dictators, in defence of Hitler and Mussolini.

    As for Ms. Phillips, she’s been a denier of the science of climate change, calling it “a global fraud”.

    She once had the temerity to link the stabbing of two Jewish people in North London to the writer of an article in the Independent that criticized Israeli policies… nevermind that the article was entirely factually correct, and is supported by major international relief organizations.

    Such people shouldn’t talk of guilt by association… especiailly when they refuse to fully admit to and distance themselves from their own rotten associations and beliefs.

  3. mikecane Says:

    Good Comments. Thanks.

    >>>Such people shouldn’t talk of guilt by association… especiailly when they refuse to fully admit to and distance themselves from their own rotten associations and beliefs.

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