Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #339: Surprise!

Worst Trading Period in Living Memory Coming: Manager

The winter holidays are unlikely to bring relief to jittery investors as stock markets may fall between 10 and 20 percent within the next four months, Jason Forde, fund manager at Kepler Capital Markets said Wednesday.

“I am very frightened as we go into the festive season, Thanksgiving and Christmas, we will see the worst trading period in living memory,” Forde told CNBC.

Well, “living memory” depends on how long a person has been alive — as well as having a memory undamaged by cocaine (the snack food of Wall Street).

All we see are the headlines — which will continue to get worse.

We aren’t privy to what’s happening in offices all around the world as the mess begins to get slowly untangled and the surprise boxes of valuations are opened to reveal what Ishida brilliantly captured in his Sinfest Internet comic:

Oh, there’s plenty of that out there!

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