eBook As Second-Class

Tim Binding on how to murder your wife … twice

You’d be forgiven for wondering exactly what was going through author TJ Middleton’s head. It’s usually a given that a crime writer will have made up his mind about whodunit, why, and how, but Middleton appears to be hedging his bets with two different versions of his novel Cliffhanger be published today.

Depending on whether you plump for the hardback Cliffhanger, or the ebook Cliffhanger: The Other Text, you’ll be treated to different versions of the blackly humorous world of seaside taxi driver Al Greenwood.

Emphasis added by me.

So what exactly is this eBook edition? This:

The hardback version is the definitive version, he says, The Other Text is just an early draft – though the fact that you’ll have to pay to read it will surely put off all but the most hardcore of fans and completists.

Emphasis added by me.


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