eBooks: Game Over When Color Happens

KDDI Wirelessly Displays Handset-stored Images on E-paper

Wet your pants now, dying dinosaurs of print:

Click = big

“Oh, it’s not vibrant enough!”
“Oh, the refresh rate is too slow.”
“Oh, it’ll be very expensive.”
“Oh, it won’t happen for another ten years at least.”

Keep shoving your heads into the sand.

But the future is going to kick your ass.

None of you can state with any certainty that you know all the screen technologies that are in development.

You don’t know that, tomorrow, a team of scientists at Sony won’t find a way to cheaply mass-produce jillions of bright, low-power, and vibrant full-color OLED screens.

That could happen.

You have no idea what surprises Mary Lou Jepsen has in the works over at Pixel Qi.


The XO screen is sunlight readable, but hard to read in dim roomlight without the backlight on. Pixel Qi has new inventions that can transform this situation. The screen with the backlight off can appear as bright and crisp as paper, but also supports full video speed playback and color. The paper-like look to the screen is desirable. We want to be able to comfortably read off of our screens – with this innovation we finally will be able to.

A breakthrough could happen at any moment.

Sony didn’t create eInk, therefore — unlike Memory Stick — it’s not married to that technology. They can swap out the screen in the Sony Reader for anything else when they choose. Their software is already suited for that day.

What you see here is a brief glimpse of the future.

Get moving.

You’re no longer a small club with a grip on expensive printing presses.

Direct publishing will wipe you out.

— via Electronista

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