Sony Reader: Several Videos

First, there’s just one more about the new PRS-700. This is coverage of the press event.

Reader Revolution Press Event

The rest are a variety of videos about the current model, the PRS-505.

I have to put these after the break because Firefox gets clogged when I have lots of videos on my blog.

All worth looking at! Especially if you’ve been debating about getting one.

Sony Reader PRS-505 – The Unboxening — notice the very wide viewing angle of the eInk screen!

Sony e-reader review — notice how in the end not having wireless doesn’t matter!

Sony EReader PRS-505 and Calibre — demonstrating using the Sony Reader with the free Calibre software for Mac OS X, enabling non-DRMed eBooks to be used.

Demo of Cover Browsing in calibre — like Apple’s Cover Flow!

These next two videos are more in a Teleread vein, musing about the impact of eBooks.

Wayne Martin Talks About His Sony e-Book Reader.

This one is very interesting — and short:

How Many e-Books Can A Sony PRS 505 e-Book Reader Hold.

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