Ohio Needs An Ebola Outbreak

Where’s that frikkin UFO to get me off this planet?

Misconceptions of Obama fuel Republican campaign – 13 Oct 08

As the US presidential campaign enters its final weeks, both the Republican and Democratic candidates are hitting the swing states.

But misconceptions and rumours abound and many voters have their facts about the candidates all wrong. Some believe that Democrat Barack Obama is a Muslim, for instance.

Casey Kauffman talked to some Republican supporters after a rally by Sarah Palin, the Republican vice-presidential candidate, in Ohio.

Those people said all of that to a camera.

A camera!

Why is it up to AlJazeera to air this? Why isn’t it on ABC, CBS, NBC?

Yeah, looking real Presidential there, McCain

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3 Comments on “Ohio Needs An Ebola Outbreak”

  1. LuckyG Says:

    I think I’ve heard it all, then I hear more that continually SHOCKS me.
    Do these people not realize how UN AMERICAN they sound?
    For God’s Sake (Or Allah, or Budah or Brad Pitt! whover it is that works for ya)
    I get more scared every day!
    And these people are allowed to vote!
    If these knuckleheads can vote, maybe the criminals that ACORN supposedly registered should too.

  2. mikecane Says:

    Not only can they vote, they think anyone who doesn’t agree with THEM is STUPID.

  3. Tara Says:

    That video scares the shit out of me to be honest. I can’t believe that there is still such ignorance in this country.

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