Writer Cheryl Kaye Tardif: iPhone 3G Novel

Writer Cheryl Kaye Tardif has found a way to generate publicity for her next novel.

She’s writing all of it on an iPhone 3G.

Finding Bliss

The first novel written on the iPhone 3G

‘Finding Bliss’ will be an emotional, heartwarming story of a damaged teenage girl who must fight to survive in a world of abuse, lies and loss. As she struggles to find herself, Bliss will discover exactly where she belongs and she’ll learn that she is worthy of love after all.

The link above will take you to a special page on her site documenting the publicity.

I just know that Apple fans will want to know what software she’s using, so I hope she’ll give up some tech details about that too.

And Cheryl, this one better be all-eBook and for sale on the App Store when done!

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8 Comments on “Writer Cheryl Kaye Tardif: iPhone 3G Novel”

  1. igorsk Says:

    *yawn* cellphone novels were all the rage in Japan last year or so.

  2. mikecane Says:

    This ain’t Japan, Toto. Go away, troll.

  3. Mike, you’re poppin’ up all over the place. :)

    Actually the cellphone novel craze in Japan was a bit different. It’s my understanding that novels were written using the text message feature of ANY old cell phone. The messages were then compiled and edited. The novels were read over cell phones until published in book form. They were written by schoolgirls mainly, not established authors, but they have gone on to success.

    I am doing two unique things: I’m an established author writing my novel a chapter at a time using the Notes application on the new iPhone 3G. And one of the characters in my novel Finding Bliss will actually use an iPhone.

    As far as I know, I’m the first author to do this in North America. My agent in New York is “tremendously enthusiastic” about this new endeavor.

    All the best to you!

    Cheryl Kaye Tardif

  4. lifedrivedoc Says:


    Interesting article. I was thinking about you the other day, after I picked up my iPhone 3G 3 weeks ago. One of the most interesting and I believe Game-Changing programs is one called STANZA. It is a free e-reader, but with a massive free catalog of classics. Additionally, you can change the font of the document to suit your needs, including white print on a black background. There is one-touch page flipping and fast page turns.

    If you’ve purchased an iPhone, then this is the eReader to get. I have a great disdain for other ereaders for the iphone, because they either lead you to a pay site or have significant compatibility issues.

    I’ll probably write about Stanza some time, but I thought that you should be aware.


  5. mikecane Says:


    I have 3(!) blogs.

    This one, a Blogger backup, and then The eBook Test (where you first commented).

  6. lifedrivedoc Says:

    You’re totally right. I’ve been locked away in the hospital for too long. Well, here’s another boost to the format. I just finished reading Kerouac and I have to admit it was truly a great experience. No eye pain/strain. I agree with you, if this is presented in the right form factor (for me the iPhone is perfect – lightweight, small and powerful – then this will be an incredible deal breaker. I am already setting out to look for more novels in this format.

    I may have been gone for a while, but I’m back now! :).

  7. mikecane Says:

    At some point, they plan to charge for Stanza. Shouldn’t be much, I think. And hope.

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