Writer John Straley: New Book Of Poetry

With his characteristic wit, writer John Straley alerts everyone to his latest book, which is a collection of poetry:

Hey everybody,

Here’s the new book of poetry. Hot off the press.

Ask for it at your locally owned independent book store. (Just tell them it’s published by the University of Alaska Press and distributed by University of Chicago Press.)

There are poems about Ravens and Wile E. Coyote. There are love poems and war poems. There are poems about weddings and funerals. There is even a poem about Pepe LePew.

But there is not a single poem about Sara Palin.

How’s everyone holding up?

It’s a good time to invest in poetry … destined for growth. And if you are out of dough, I’ll come to your house and read it aloud, in exchange for a hot meal.

Take good care,


He lives in Alaska, hence the Palin reference.

This is the cover:

John Straley is a great writer whose work has gotten caught in the blockbuster mentality that has gripped the dying dinosaurs of print. That’s their loss. At some point, his work will break through to a very large audience — and all those books of his they’ve ignored will be hot hot hot.

I hope he’ll have all rights retained by then and all the eBook profits will make him justly rich!

This is John’s latest novel, just published this May. It’s an historical mystery:

See some of my prior posts to read excerpts from his past Cecil Younger series of novels. That should goad you to buy them right now.

John Straley website

See John Straley’s eBook status at The eBook Test blog.

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Congratulations To Author John Straley!
You Think You Can Write? How Well Do You Read?

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