Free eBook: By Nobel-Prize Winner Paul Krugman

In Kevin Kelly’s latest post — Old Rules for the New Economy — he mentions this:

A while back Krugman said he got into economics from reading Asimov’s Foundation series. Hari Seldon’s pschohistory is the sort of probabilistic forecast a super economist would love to make. Krugman also writes science fiction himself — always a plus in my book. While at Yale as an assistant professor in 1978 he wrote “The Theory of Interstellar Trade” (PDF). It is less hard science fiction and more a tongue-in-cheek speculation about the problems of calculating interest at near-light speeds. Do you use the clock on the ship with the cargo or the clock on the shipper’s home planet? Each clock suggests different business strategies.


It was done in 1978 and — wait for it! — it’s typewritten! Judging from the type, it looks like it came from one of the golfball electrics.

It’s only fifteen pages and is filled with math, but still.

This is the direct PDF link (Save As…).

Kelly also mentions that his own book, New Rules for the New Economy, is available for free as a PDF too.

This is the direct PDF link (Save As…).

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2 Comments on “Free eBook: By Nobel-Prize Winner Paul Krugman”

  1. Emma Larkins Says:

    Thanks for the great .pdfs. I love the idea of using ideas from science fiction in the “real world.” Speaking of SF, I’m going to Capclave 2008 SF Lit Conference in Rockville, MD. Should be good times!

  2. Me Says:

    Yea, great ones! thanks for the links.

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