eBooks: The Reality Of Plastic Logic

BBC News gave some PR love to Plastic Logic with an article and embedded video: The revolution of paperless paper

I reveal the secret FAIL of Plastic Logic in these pictures.

Ah, the rev-o-lu-tion-ar-y Plastic Logic Reader!

Why, notice how thin it is!

The plastic screen heart of it.

B-e-n-d!!!! Ha! Ha! Ha! Try that with an LCD!

Notice he does not likewise bend the framed screen!

Because that frame contains things that would break when bent: non-flexible circuit boards and a LiOn battery that will cause you grief if it rips open.

So yeah. A flexi-screen is a neat parlor trick.

But that’s all it is.

Be prepared to stuff that ginormous thing in a similarly-ginormous carrying case that won’t flex.

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2 Comments on “eBooks: The Reality Of Plastic Logic”

  1. vicz Says:

    Well, current glass-based eInc screens, like the one in Sony Reader (and other readers with PVI screens) are known to break fairly easily. So the hope is that plastic screens will reduce that problem.

  2. mikecane Says:

    Well, good luck to them, despite my razzing.

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