Sony Counts On Sackboy For PlayStation 3

Sony puts its future in the hands of Sackboy

Sony PlayStation, the video games console, hopes to reverse its flagging popularity with a little-known British creation: a rag doll called Sackboy.

He is the hero of Little Big Planet, which Sony has described as the biggest game in PlayStation’s history.

I’m not one to play games, but I do like the sound of this.

I hope Sony has a huge hit with this. It needs one.

Let’s see if they can be clever and also get some eBooks out of it to pimp the Sony Reader too.

These are some screensnaps I grabbed from a video here:

I don’t know if there are any awards for videogames, but this one deserves several for design. The color palettes are gorgeous and all of it is a sumptuous melange of design styles expertly blended together. The depth of some images remind me of the dioramic backgrounds the Fleischer brothers used to do in their Betty Boop and Popeye cartoons.

Sony’s got something here.

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3 Comments on “Sony Counts On Sackboy For PlayStation 3”

  1. Karlos Says:

    The PS3 has some nifty TV recording/streaming options in the UK now too. See watching TV on your PSP anywhere in the world COOL. It’s a shame that Sony hasn’t tweaked the PSP to be an ebook reader as there’s 10’s of millions out there… oh right, they make the expensive Sony Reader. They should promote the PSP ebook abilities anyway as it’ll create a market for ebooks that will filter up to their Sony Reader. Try the above link for some PSP friendly ebooks.

  2. Karlos Says:

    ooops sorry the link is here if you missed it

  3. mikecane Says:

    Oh, I’m with you there with the PS3 and eBooks! I said that here:

    >>>Why hasn’t the PlayStation 3 platform been seen as an additional outlet for ebooks? Why can’t every PS3 come pre-loaded with Sony’s eBook Library software to entice people into ebooks? Why can’t PS3’s act as Sony Reader hosts for ebook storage and syncing? Has anyone over there even considered that?

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