Reference: Anime Tropes 2

On Twitter this morning, John Ottinger pointed to a post on his blog featuring a YouTube video.

I hope he won’t mind me also using that video here, as it ties into a prior post of mine: Reference: Anime Tropes.

This short is all-CGI and yet it uses the grammar of Japanese cel animation (anime). This is what I’m trying to impress on the mind of Gerry Anderson (not that he’d ever read this, so I hope for the Groupmind to leak it into his brain eventually) for the next time he uses CGI in a series. This grammar is now known and understood worldwide. It’s the new language of animation. Here it is brilliantly used in CGI:

World War – 3D Animation @ University Of Hertfordshire 2008

World War was created by Vincent Chai for his final degree project whilst studying 3D Animation at the University Of Hertfordshire.

Vincent Chai portfolio:

visit to see more films created by the University of Hertfordshire Digital Animation 3D|VFX|2D|Games Art students.

Gerry, you might want to hire that lad for any CGI incarnation of Thunderbirds. He’ll bring it into the 21st century!

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  1. No objection at all – It isn’t mine to claim. Glad it was helpful to you.

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