Linux: The Best Reason For Windows XP

Wayne MacPhail recently bought an Acer Aspire netbook with Linpus Linux Lite on it.

He was quite pleased with it in the beginning. His tweets were happy.

Then he tried to actually get more stuff onto the device and hit the wall today.

Wayne is a tech-savvy guy too. He’s doing a course that includes live streaming video, online coursework and discussion, the works. All of that stuff he set up on his own.

So for someone with some tech savvy like him to give up — well, that says volumes.

I have my own Linux scars, from the Nokia 770 Anti-Internet Tablet.

You couldn’t pay me to touch Linux ever again.

Now stripping Windows XP off one of these netbooks and installing Mac OS X — let’s go!

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7 Comments on “Linux: The Best Reason For Windows XP”

  1. […] Netbook Misadventure Posted on October 21, 2008 by wmacphail Over on the eponymously named Mike Cane 2008 blog, my Twitter buddy Mike has beautifully captured my Twitter misadventures with my Acer Aspire […]

  2. Richard Chapman Says:

    Many Windows “tech savvy” people run into insurmountable difficulties with Linux. You see, it makes them look stupid. They’re not of course but they run into the “wall”, the “Linux is not Windows” wall. It’s too bad. It’s just a matter of what your experience is. If I had never used Windows (I have longer than Linux), I would rail against the Registry (Is that somebody’s idea of a joke?). So forget Linux and move on to more familiar territory. It will be better for everyone.

  3. mikecane Says:

    >>>You see, it makes them look stupid.

    No, it makes the Linux twats looks like the self-righteous smug narcissistic eejits that they don’t want to admit they are.

    Real people — real adult people with real lives — don’t want to fuck around with your obscure Look How Clever I Fucking Am bullshit.

    If you guys had put together the TV system, we’d still all be listening to radio.

    Keep jerking off with your obscure commands, autistic filenames, and jackass dependencies.

    The rest of us have real-world adult *work* to get done.

  4. Your Dad Says:

    “You couldn’t pay me to touch Linux ever again.

    Now stripping Windows XP off one of these netbooks and installing Mac OS X — let’s go!”

    Oh for fuck’s sake, mac osx is BSD with a nice gui that runs on a limited amount of hardware – “apple labelled”. Go ahead, and install it on a netbook, be it AA1, MSI Wind or EEE – sound doesn’t work, ethernet doesnt work or wifi doesn’t work. So quit bitchin’ bout linux – not really different from osx in that respect (unless of course you have time and skill to hack osx yourself, modify configs, patch stuff, write some code… but then, if you can do it on osx you might as well do it on linux, with the same result).

    Linpus might not be runnig well on AA1, but all I have for ‘proof’ is some guy’s twitter.

    Fuck me, some reliable information… So, wmacphail, how about you get yourself a retail copy of leo and try installing it yourself on AA1? And no, downloading pre-hacked image that runs out of the box does not count,as this is not offered by apple but custom made… have fun, cant wait to read your twitter .

    Disclaimer: I’m not a linux/bsd/minix/winxp/vista/macosx/ zealot, I crave for some common sense, as idiocy plague seems to be on the rise recently…


    Dad Your

  5. mikecane Says:

    You’ve had two shots under fake names. You won’t get a third.

    But you should get a life.

  6. Your Dad Says:


    In regards to what you wrote:
    “You’ve had two shots under fake names. You won’t get a third.”

    Not sure what you mean, I commented on your blog before, so I’m not sure what you mean by “2 shots”. Also not sure what you mean by “fake names” – I can’t be bothered to start and account, to post 1 and only comment on your (or others’ for that matter) blog. Plus, not everyone wants to take part in self-branding bonanza. You know, part of “having a life”, rather than blogging like a mad man, which by many might be regarded as not having life. I don’t judge that, just not my thing ;)

    As for the warning – “You won’t get a third.” – please, rest assured, that I won’t be coming back. The way I see it, there’s no way to discuss with fanboys feeding gossip. Your reply seems to prove that, as nothing in it addresses anything that I mentioned. Again, nothing wrong with that, but why bother replying other than presenting your macho blogger skill?

    Since it seems you’re confusing me w/ some other fake-name-holding anonymous poster, this is my “second shot”. But you know what, don’t bother approving it, I mean, it’s just food for your thought.

    Bye ;)

  7. mikecane Says:

    Got you confused with someone else, then. I apologize.

    Look, MacPhail is no naif. See the follow-up post where he claims his tech cred:

    Linux is simply not ready for the general public. Could it eventually be that? Of course. But there’s lots of hard work to get there and it doesn’t seem anyone is serious about doing that. The bickering among the groupies keep things clubbish and prevents a mass-market form of it. Look at the first commenter, who made it seem as if Linux is some sort of frikkin “IQ test” people have to pass in order to deserve it! That’s just ridiculous.

    I’m no fan of XP, but I’ll take it over Linux. So will most of the general public. Sooner or later Microsoft will catch on to Linux being no threat to them in the general market and then we’ll all be doomed to Vista or Windows 7.

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