Words, words come to me … I’m so excited!!!

It’s late, I’m winding down the blog, and I check my emailbox.

There’s an email titled Interster.

I open it and there’s a lengthy write-up from someone who has seen the series, knows some of its broadcast history — and has three video clips!!

I don’t have time to do a full-length post tonight. I will get on to it first thing tomorrow.

But I didn’t want to leave Gerry Anderson fans in suspense.

Here are some quick screensnaps I took from the videos:

I can just say this right now after a first glimpse:

1) This really is impressive work

2) The theme is an immediate earworm; it’s synthesizer but really shreds the Terrahawks theme — also synthesizer — in comparison

More tomorrow!

In the meantime, whoever owns the rights in South Africa — for God’s sake, if you won’t release it on DVD, at least put it online, maybe in the Apple iTunes Store, for us to buy!

Previously here:

Interster Still M.I.A.

At the old blog:

Calling Out To The World Wide Web: Send Me Interster!

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