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Writer Mitzi Szereto Meets Bondage Bob

October 22, 2008

The Tale (Tail) of Bondage Bob (Scotland Part 1)

What began as a rather tedious train journey north to Glasgow (you just knew I’d work a train in here somewhere!) turned into a visit to a magical and mythical landscape – the kind of landscape that makes you confront the superficiality of what most people refer to as “Life” – i.e. that pissing away of days, weeks, months, and years in the pursuit of money to show others just how successful you are… and boozing, to show others just how popular and entertaining you are. At the end of it you’re left with nothing but regrets and lost time, because you’ve learned too late what’s really important. But that’s a subject for another day and, perhaps, another blog.

Arrrrrh … she got to go to Local Hero country!! She should have had the Mark Knopfler soundtrack to accompany that in her iPod! That and his tracks from Cal as well! (Shut up. It’s Knopfler too and could pass for Scottish in a pinch!)

Instead, she got involved with … no, I can’t bring myself to type it.

You’ll have to suck in your gut and go read the lengthy post on your own.

At the end, there’s a link to a stunning collection of Flickr photos too.

I’m still waiting for the posts where she runs into Gerry Anderson, Ken Bruen, Denise Mina, Brian Clemens, Robert Fuest, Christopher Fowler, Warren Ellis, and rubs it all in with a photo of her on the steps of 221B Baker Street.

Because she can.

And now the greatest closing theme and most devastating ending in all of movie history …

Local Hero “Going Home”

Because I can.

Writer Tito Perdue: New Novel!

October 22, 2008

Writer Tito Perdue’s Lee is one all of you must read.

Aside from him getting a spiffy new website, part of it is also a blog.

And his first post-introduction posting is a whopper for me. An announcement of a new novel in the works!

THE NODE – first draft completed – what it’s about…

Imagine that everything that could have gone wrong has gone wrong.

That’s all you’ll have me quoting. He needs traffic. Go there to read the rest.

This is going to be The Big One for him. I can feel it.

Why I Must Live Through 2009

October 22, 2008

Christopher Fowler is putting his wonderful Bryant & May characters in one more book:

Revealed – The Next Bryant & May Book

There’s a sort of description of the upcoming book at that link. So don’t go there. Wait for the book to come out. It’s better as a full-frontal surprise.

I already know the name of the final one: The Last Bryant & May Book And Now Mike Cane Will Drop Dead After Reading It.

Not to be published until, oh, 2273.

Right, Christopher? Right?!!?

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Writers Chatting: Cliff Burns & Pat Bertram 3

October 22, 2008

The third and final part is now up: Writing Discussion With Cliff Burns — Part III

And there’s Cliff’s blog to read too.

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Obama Landslide

October 22, 2008

That’s the headline we’ll all see in less than two weeks on newspapers from coast to coast.

I’ve been thinking it for quite some time.

And especially lately. People have seen McCain, have seen Obama against McCain, have seen Palin, have looked around at the deteriorating economy — and no way do they want someone who resembles the economy to lead this nation.

They want a fresh beginning, not an old fart start.

I’m still for Nader, but that doesn’t mean I can’t see what the future will bring.

Hey, you McCain supporters, keep driving people away from him like this.

Bookmark Addition: Homeless Tales

October 22, 2008

Homeless Tales

I usually don’t announce what I’ve added to the Bookmarks.

This time I make an exception because that blog is just startling.

Once Homeless, Now Famous

October 22, 2008

Famous People Who Have Been Homeless

I left a Comment.

And I just remembered: writer Frederick Exley couch surfed for quite a while.

Wayne MacPhail’s Linux Vindication

October 22, 2008

Picking up from chronicling Wayne MacPhail’s Linux misery yesterday, I excerpt his new blog post:

This is not my first run at Linux. Like Mike I’ve had it running on a Nokia 770, then 800 tablet computer and I’ve installed Ubuntu on a desktop system and a laptop, but each time I found that doing anything useful, like hooking up to a wireless network or installing a printer driver was a royal pain in the ass.

This time took the cake, though. How open source folks think Linux dialects like Linux Linpus are ready for prime time I’ll never understand. It is an OS for nerdboys, full stop. Look, I’ve been programming and using computers since I was using punchcards and this experience had me ripping out what’s left of my hair. God knows how an average user would cope. Well, just like I did, they’d march the computer back to the store. That can’t be good for the open source movement, and certainly wasn’t good for my nerves today.

Less than twenty-four hours later, he’s been vindicated.

Apricot drops ‘too complicated’ Linux from netbook line

“Apricot has made this decision to ensure customers have a smooth installation of their operating system,” the company told Register Hardware.

“The Linux version proved too complicated with initial testers, who would opt to purchase and install XP any way.

“Apricot believes that this will be a more attractive product offering for their target customers, because as soon as it is switched on, it is ready for use.”

Hey, admit it, Asus. You went with Linux because it was cheap — read: free — and it was a good club to beat Microsoft over the head with to get favorable license pricing for Windows XP.

Hell, even the Linux-based MIDs from Intel are being bashed. JKK of jkkmobile stripped the native Linux browser off his Aigo MID and installed Firefox. The experience is superior to the one he got out of the box. The mystery, of course, is why the hell Firefox wasn’t on it to begin with! See JKK’s video here.

And let’s get something straight here, all you people who flock here to read just one post: I’m no fan of Microsoft or Windows XP. Let this sink in too. And this.

Writer M.J. Rose On Free eBooks

October 22, 2008

Why Is My Book Free?

It’s because trying something for free is the best way of discovering it. And free doesn’t mean sampling a quarter of a cookie – it means the whole cookie. It doesn’t mean someone spraying my wrist with perfume – it means them putting a small bottle of the fragrance in my shopping bag. It means spending a weekend in a hotel and taking two showers using the same soap. It doesn’t mean reading the first five pages of my book online – it means reading my whole book for free as a way of discovering me as an author.

I agree with the sentiment. Just not the method.

This guy got screwed:

What a colossal ripoff.

I went to the site, clicked the link, and I was required to give a lot of personal information (which I did). When I finally clicked the “download PDF” link, (after entering the free code) there was no PDF, only a 1 k file called “ebx.etd”. NO PDF, NO BOOK.

So basically I just wasted a lot of time and gave away my personal information to your publishing company… FOR NOTHING.

Glad I didn’t.

Not-Free Free eBook By M.J. Rose

October 22, 2008

Via Twitter from book_blog:

Dear Reader,

I want you to discover the worlds I’m exploring in the Reincarnation series so much, I’m offering you the first in the series – THE REINCARNATIONIST – free.

No strings, just the free book — all you have to do is click on either of the links above and download the entire novel and start reading THE REINCARNATIONIST (which has just been released in paperback) now! Readers and reviewers say it’s “un-put-downable.”

The series continues with THE MEMORIST (which is out now) – and early reviews and reader reactions is the same – it seems I’ve tapped into a universal interest with these books that explore who we were and who we are while at the same time giving you a page turning read. I hope you’ll agree.

I would have liked to have gotten this to read. But proceeding with the download brought me to the eHarlequin eBook Store where I could not complete anything for free. It wanted me to create an account.


I lambasted Sony for this with its Reader Revolution free classics promotion.

All of you out there: Free means no strings attached. Stop calling it free if it requires creating an account at a store!

(Yes, Tor asks for you to create an account for its free eBooks too — but that has the significant benefit of making you aware of more free eBooks to come.)

There’s also a link for owners of the abominable Kindle. I suspect, for those who already have an Amazon Alcatraz account, that version will indeed be free for real.