Wayne MacPhail’s Linux Vindication

Picking up from chronicling Wayne MacPhail’s Linux misery yesterday, I excerpt his new blog post:

This is not my first run at Linux. Like Mike I’ve had it running on a Nokia 770, then 800 tablet computer and I’ve installed Ubuntu on a desktop system and a laptop, but each time I found that doing anything useful, like hooking up to a wireless network or installing a printer driver was a royal pain in the ass.

This time took the cake, though. How open source folks think Linux dialects like Linux Linpus are ready for prime time I’ll never understand. It is an OS for nerdboys, full stop. Look, I’ve been programming and using computers since I was using punchcards and this experience had me ripping out what’s left of my hair. God knows how an average user would cope. Well, just like I did, they’d march the computer back to the store. That can’t be good for the open source movement, and certainly wasn’t good for my nerves today.

Less than twenty-four hours later, he’s been vindicated.

Apricot drops ‘too complicated’ Linux from netbook line

“Apricot has made this decision to ensure customers have a smooth installation of their operating system,” the company told Register Hardware.

“The Linux version proved too complicated with initial testers, who would opt to purchase and install XP any way.

“Apricot believes that this will be a more attractive product offering for their target customers, because as soon as it is switched on, it is ready for use.”

Hey, admit it, Asus. You went with Linux because it was cheap — read: free — and it was a good club to beat Microsoft over the head with to get favorable license pricing for Windows XP.

Hell, even the Linux-based MIDs from Intel are being bashed. JKK of jkkmobile stripped the native Linux browser off his Aigo MID and installed Firefox. The experience is superior to the one he got out of the box. The mystery, of course, is why the hell Firefox wasn’t on it to begin with! See JKK’s video here.

And let’s get something straight here, all you people who flock here to read just one post: I’m no fan of Microsoft or Windows XP. Let this sink in too. And this.

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