Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #356: Resentment

U.S. has plundered world wealth with dollar: China paper

BEIJING (Reuters) – The United States has plundered global wealth by exploiting the dollar’s dominance, and the world urgently needs other currencies to take its place, a leading Chinese state newspaper said on Friday.

The front-page commentary in the overseas edition of the People’s Daily said that Asian and European countries should banish the U.S. dollar from their direct trade relations for a start, relying only on their own currencies.

A meeting between Asian and European leaders, starting on Friday in Beijing, presented the perfect opportunity to begin building a new international financial order, the newspaper said.

The People’s Daily is the official newspaper of China’s ruling Communist Party. The Chinese-language overseas edition is a small circulation offshoot of the main paper.

Its pronouncements do not necessarily directly voice leadership views. But the commentary, as well as recent comments, amount to a growing chorus of Chinese disdain for Washington’s economic policies and global financial dominance in the wake of the credit crisis.

Emphasis added by me.

I’d be fearful of this China threat, except they’ve got a land of nothing but goons, thugs, and cheats.

They can’t do milk properly without poisoning tens of thousands of people in their own country and setting off a worldwide panic recall of food that contains their poisonous milk as well as poisons in other products.

Here’s a clue for you, China; The Dollar remains strong and the last-ditch currency of the entire world because we have a reputation unlike yours.

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2 Comments on “Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #356: Resentment”

  1. Mibbles Says:

    shallow and ridiculous. you honestly believe there was never any food scandals in america? do your homework. insulting the entire country of china for the actions of a few crooks is not the way to go. Whether we like it or not, china will continue to grow. The U.S. and China could be work together to solve the problems and improve things for their citizens. Or we could try wrap ourselves in the flags of our respective countries, trade snide comments that do little but promote racism and galloping nationalism. As I recall this in turn led to the type of experiment the europeans were so fond of they tried twice in the last century. And one thing I do respect the europeans for is , despite all their faults, they do their best to learn from their mistakes. On the other hand it seems some of our fellow americans are hungry to repeat not only our own mistakes but that of other people. You are better than this. Your blog could reflect that. Or not.

  2. mikecane Says:

    Damn right there were food scandals in America. That’s why the Pure Food and Drug Act was passed, leading to the establishment of the FDA.

    That never stopped some of our crooks, though:

    And I don’t have to mention the various outbreaks of tainted meat that’s happened as our government has slashed the budgets for meat inspectors.

    China, however, seems resistant to honest change and to properly regulating and *inspecting* manufacturers of all sorts: food, goods, drugs.

    This has nothing to do with racism, so go peddle that bullshit elsewhere. This is a matter of public health for the entire world, since China exports to just about everybody.

    And given the fraud that occurred even with the *Olympics* (the opening song was lip-synced!), I stand by every word I’ve written.

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