Gerry Anderson: Not UFO Season 2

Trawling through YouTube for some posting inspiration today, I found this:

U.F.O. II – TV Show Opening Sequence

Music to a never realised second season of the very famous SciFi-Series from England, named “UFO (1970)”.

I’ve made this music in 1993 with Korg-DSS1 and Roland-Pro E, but without any computer sequencers freely after the UFO-Melody, but strictely after the composition-method by Barry Gray.
Also my tribute to this awesome TV-Series by Gerry Anderson.

I’ve “stretched” the following video-opening sequence a little with scenes from the episode “Identified”.

It’s those tubular bells that raise it above the level of Neil Norman.

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2 Comments on “Gerry Anderson: Not UFO Season 2”

  1. Volker400 Says:

    First of all…I must thank you soooo much, my dear friend!!

    I’m the “owner” or, how you like it, composer of the “UFO II – Soundtrack”!

    Many thanX(XXL) to you!!!

    That was one of the points, you’ve mentioned it!!! Creating a soundtrack with tabular chimes!!
    BTW, most of the people, who heard this, they want to hear the “original” soundtrack!
    I don’t know why!
    If you see the musical “situation” of STAR TREK (for example!), most of the “STAR TREK-Fans” or “Trekkies” except all new soundtracks!

    I’m a bit disappointed about the “so called” “UFO-Fans”, they want “only” the original soundtrack.

    So, on the one hand they want to have a new series of “UFO”, but on the other hand, they don’t accept a “new” soundtrack (btw, most of the musical motives are from Barry Gray! A kind of mixture of my own melody of UFO II and Baryy Gray’s soundtrack)). What`s that??!
    Have a look at “” ( a site of Marc Martin)!!
    Where is the soundtrack of “UFO II”??! (BTW, I’m a member of the “SHADO”-group on YAHOO since years!!!!)
    You’ll never find it in the past and in the future!!!

    But I’ll thank you again, my dear friend, you mentioned my soundtrack of “UFO II”,

    Yours from dear old Germany,

    Volker H. akà Volker400

    PS: My English could be better, my dear, I’m sorry!

  2. mikecane Says:

    You’re welcome.

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