Extinct: Super Adventure Team TV Series

Ten years ago, MTV ran six episodes of a puppet series called Super Adventure Team.

After one airing, it never appeared again.

The rumor is that the company that owned the rights to Gerry Anderson‘s Supermarionation series at that time saw S.A.T., blanched at its vulgarity, and quickly bought up all the rights to bury the series forever.

Super Adventure Team is a TV program you are not supposed to be able to see.

On my blog? Yeah, right!

Those of you who went over to my forgotten Flickr photos have already seen well over one-hundred screensnaps from episodes of S.A.T.. (Note that something went awry with the color palettes once Flickr got its hands on those! That doesn’t matter if you read through the entire post.)

Here are some for those of you who haven’t gone there yet.

S.A.T. primarily used hands puppets with rod-manipulated arms. For shots requiring full bodies, marionettes were used. The puppets were pretty cheesy with, for example, the Murdock marionette having a face that only resembled the hand puppet’s face. Getting everything exactly right wasn’t the point of this series!

I lacked cable when it aired and had someone tape it for me (it was still the VHS era). I couldn’t get through the opening minutes of the first episode. I found it too vulgar.

Then the ultimate in puppet vulgarity appeared: Team America: World Police.

I hated that even more. But I suddenly had a desire to revisit S.A.T.. My access to the VHS tape was no longer possible. But lo, this is the Internet. And with it you can get almost anything.

I was able to, um, see all six episodes. I still found the first episode disgusting but stuck with it. As the series developed, it finally found its true style with episode three. After that, it went for being totally off-the-wall bizarre — and that suited it well. I regretted there were no other episodes.

And now you will see why the crappy Flickr screensnaps don’t matter. You can nab for yourself three episodes of this very rare and long-suppressed series!

This is the Veoh page.

1) Sign up for a Veoh account
2) Download the VeohTV download client/player
— this page will give you the Web player; look to lower right for VeohTV
3) Install VeohTV (VeohTV, not the Web Player!)
4) Go to each episode and click on the Download Options
— choose Download to VeohTV
5) Download all the three episodes
— they play as FLV online but download as MPEG!
6) Locate the episodes on your hard drive
— remove them from the Veoh folder to keep them

Or, you can simply watch each of them in your browser.

But, it’s best if you download them. The CopyNazis will find out about this post and those copies will disappear. (Note to CopyNazis: I didn’t upload them. My Veoh account is mikecane.)

Ordinarily, I wouldn’t encourage this kind of behavior. However, there is no economic loss involved here because these items will never, ever be made available for money! If anything, renewed demand to see this “lost” series might inspire a future DVD (or downloadable video) release.

I’m including the final — and most bizarre — episode in this post, below.

Super Adventure Team final episode: Super Atomic Lincoln

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about "Super Adventure Team – 6 – Super Atom…", posted with vodpod

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  1. […] reminds me, one of the saddest days for television in the last 25 years was the day MTV canceled Super Adventure Team. Sigh. At least we’ll always have […]

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