Strings: A Puppet Movie

Strings is a gorgeous motion picture featuring nothing but marionettes — as marionettes.

In this alternate universe, marionettes are alive and their strings reach into the heavens and give them their life force. Cut their strings and they die.

At the time of this film’s release, I recall reading that the director was inspired by a vision of seeing ten thousand strings rising into the sky.

The puppetry in this movie is breathtaking, featuring some of the best marionette walking I’ve ever seen. Unlike Gerry Anderson‘s Supermarionation, no attempt is made to hide the strings or disguise the fact these are puppets. Also unlike Supermarionation, the mouths do not move. This facilitates dubbing into other languages. Even with static mouths, it’s not difficult to keep track of who’s speaking.

I own this on DVD. I highly recommend it — especially to writers who are interested in fantasy.

Here’s the trailer from YouTube. Due to fast-action sequences, it gets pixelated. A high-quality trailer is here.

STRINGS movie trailer (english)

I’m not sure if this movie was ever released theatrically in the U.S.. It did very well in Europe.

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