Reference: Author Trading Cards


For each author event, Gary produces between 200 and 800 of each 2-1/2″x3-1/2″ card, most falling toward the lower number. The cards are printed in blocks according to the signing schedule, so when fewer authors are scheduled for a particular month, there are a couple of extra print slots which can be filled by the most popular author of that group. The front of each card bears a black and white photo of the author or, in a very few instances, the cover art from a book, with the name of the author underneath. On the back is a short write-up about the author and his or her current book, plus the date and time of the author’s in-store appearance. The only noticeable change in style over the course of three years is in the three different typefaces used for the names on the fronts of the cards. The set currently has 168 cards, but it will continue to grow.

Damn. And here I thought I had something original: eBook Signings: The Postcard Solution?

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