Writer Cliff Burns Offers A Welcome

Beautiful Desolation: The Writings of Cliff Burns

This is a new post that is just about Cliff’s declaration of war against corporate publishing and his signal flare into the sky for writers to embrace the new realities offered by the Internet.

Go have a read.

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One Comment on “Writer Cliff Burns Offers A Welcome”

  1. Cliff Burns Says:

    Mike: thanks for the plug, amigo. You’re one blog I always keep an eye on; there’s something of an Old Testament prophet to you, lad. I think you’ve seen the future. Three hundred years ago, you’d be tied to a stake, wondering why everyone’s tossing bundles of wood around you…

    My post was, I admit, a bit of a bugle call. THERE ARE ALTERNATIVES. Writers need to inform and educate themselves. We can tilt the balance of power in our direction, deal with editors and agents on OUR terms (if we wish to deal with them at all). The revolution starts now…

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