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Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #369: Suicides

November 6, 2008

Losses Mount, Fears Overwhelm, and a Life-Ending Decision Is Made

Walter Buczynski was a top executive at a Maryland mortgage lender before he killed his wife and jumped off a bridge last January.

K. Upender was a distraught stock speculator in India who suffered steep losses in the Indian stock market this fall, according to the police, just before he chose to open the gas line in his house, light a match and kill himself, his wife and his 2-year-old son.

Mr. Buczynski, 59, who lived in an affluent suburb in New Jersey and made close to $330,000 in 2007, and Mr. Upender, a 32-year-old former stock broker who had taken to trading stocks out of his home in Hyderabad, a fast-growing city in central India, were worlds apart.

What they had in common was a livelihood in the financial industry, a wrenching downturn in that industry and death by their own hands.

Emphasis added by me.

The value of their lives was measured by the value of their monetary incomes. How warped is that?

The people they usually scorn — the artistic, especially writers — often go through their days with No No No rubbed in their faces. Rejection after rejection after rejection. But they persevere. They stay alive. We, the ones looked down as being “weak,” we’re the mighty.

Fuck. Your. Money.

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Reference: Quantum Time

November 6, 2008


The Transactional Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics

I am excited about this because as I said before, it “feels” right and helps explain the almost psychic behavior of photons in quantum computers. They react to possibilities that have NOT YET Occurred in our present. This is to put it mildly, a huge mind-fuck.

I must read this thoroughly.

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Did Einstein Have A Theory Of Loopholes?

Did Einstein Have A Theory Of Loopholes?

November 6, 2008


That’s all I’d need to happen to freak me out. Run into a future me.

Now Me: Where the hell did you come from?

Future Me: What do you mean? I’ve always been here!

Now Me: Tell me what happens in the future!

Future Me: Are you nuts? You’re younger. You’ve traveled here into the future from my past. Go back there and live it out! But better!

Time’s arrow all right. Shaped like a screw!

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I Want Time Travel: So Does He

I Want Time Travel: So Does He

November 6, 2008

Space cowboy

For more than 50 years, he’s been obsessed with finding a way to return to the past. Specifically, to the Bronx, in 1955. That’s the year his father, Boyd Mallet, died. Mallett’s lifelong mission? To traverse spatiotemporal continuum and warn his dad to take better care of himself. To tell him to kick the two-pack-a-day habit that helped lead to the fatal heart attack he suffered at the age of 33.

The Bronx? 1955? Take me with you!! That’s close enough to where I want to go. I’ll settle for it!!

Do any of you understand what it would feel like to go back in time? I do!

I now have to recount my own “journeyman” episode. It was a dream I had back in 2003 (1/26 to be precise; it’s in my Palm) and it left a permanent mark on me.

I “woke up” standing on the sidewalk looking at a protest marching north near Columbus Circle. It is sometime in the 1970s (I can’t pinpoint the year). I am seeing a protest I had actually witnessed in real life back then. But I am back there with my knowledge of today. And it hits me that I am back there with what I know now. I have traveled back in time. The vividness of the dream, its reality, is as real as real, if not realer (you know how hyper-real dreams can be; if you don’t, I feel sorry for you!). I am there. And I know the future. And all the shit that I’d been through in that future is now gone. Wiped away. I had a sense of freedom, of liberation, that I’d never before experienced in my life. I could do everything differently — and with the foreknowledge I contained inside me. I walked down to a neighborhood I once lived in for a few years. It was pre-gentrified. The rents were still low and I could see the lowlifes who had been swept out in the neighborhood’s redevelopment. They didn’t frighten me. In fact, I was without fear altogether. That I was suddenly homeless and apparently penniless didn’t bother me at all. It was the freedom of it all that excited me. I could get money, I could get an apartment — and beyond all that, I could get rich. I knew the tech stocks to invest in. I knew that Microsoft was still a private company. There was no DOS yet. No IBM PC. Reagan wasn’t yet in office (and when he came in, I’d know there’d never be a nuclear war with the Soviets — something many people actually feared during that time!). Do you understand? Can you imagine it for yourself? How absolutely exciting! To this day — over four years later! — all I have to do is recall that dream and I can recapture some of the emotion of it.

I want to go back!

I must also find out what happened with what I posted in my old blog.

At the old blog:

I Knew This Would Happen In The Future
I Think There Is Retrocausality Is There Think I

Satan Island: Rescue Me!!!

November 6, 2008

Staten Island teen: Gang beat me while shouting ‘Obama’

No no no. That’s not the point of this post. The Comments are the point. Go read them. You’ll risk your brain exploding. This is what someone posted in reaction to the Comments:

I cannot believe what I am reading here.

I am so happy that there is a world outside of this boro.I have never read items more despicable, or disgusting than some of the material that many of you have presented. Living here is like living on another world.

I get elated that Obama won, I think that there might be hope for this country, and then by chance I read this crap that I am reading, and I get very pessimistic of our future. Someone please tell me that what I see in Staten ISland, is not typical of the rest of this country.

Some of you just write and send things that are so psychotic, and hateful, it is frightening. You show lack of thought, uncaring for others, racism,and so many horrible attributes that it makes me wonder where society went wrong to create such warped minds.

A psychiatrist, or psychologist would have a field day on this site.

This is really a beautiful boro occupied by people with twisted, distorted minds, who are so pre-occupied with themselves that they forget about the rest of mankind.

Yep, Satan Island summed up perfectly.

Rescue me!!!

SEVEN Free eBooks: Mercedes Lackey

November 6, 2008

Mercedes Lackey

Mercedes Lackey, author of the bestselling Heralds of Valdemar and Bardic Voices series, began life as a child and has been attempting to rectify that error ever since. Named for actress Mercedes McCambridge, she has been trying with no success to get the Benz automobile authorities to recognize the natural link between her name and theirs, and offer her the use of an M100 or some variety of high-end sports car for gratis. This, too, has had a distinct lack of success. Other than writing she can be found at various times prying the talons of the birds of prey she is attempting to nurse back to health out of her hands, endangering her vision by creating various forms of Art Beadwork, and cross-stitching dragons, gryphons, and other semi-mythological fauna. At the moment, her hair is red, her favorite color is green, and she is covered by various members of her flock of pet parrots, cockatoos and macaws, all of which are trying to help her type8shgalal-akejbejks9ife.

These are free eBooks of printed ones published by Baen. Click on each title for a description.

– via Twitter from top_book

Reference: Trading Card Creator

November 6, 2008

Character Trading Cards

Apparently for game players or such, but I can think of other uses for this.

— via Twitter from top_book

Caliban’s End Offers Several Lessons

November 6, 2008

I found this through another new Twitter Follower — @PaulFStewart — who really should ditch the ginormous avatar that frightens the shit out of me in my Followers list.

Caliban’s End — blog for a fantasy book series described thusly:

Structurally, the books are unique, abandoning the linear approach often taken in this genre. Many of the conventions of the genre have also been ignored in an attempt to offer something truly fantastical to the reader.

That’s a bit ambitious and also iffy. Especially when later on the blog offers this warning:

Don’t expect literary genius. The book is — after all — a hobby. It’s far from perfect, but I hope you find it interesting enough to read to the end.

See, the thing is, people shouldn’t have to pay someone for indulging their bloody hobby. Especially when there are professional writers who give away their work for free.

The other lesson unintentionally offered by this blog is what I’ve stated before (and just earlier today to someone in Twitter!): editors are still needed, especially for any writer who chooses to bypass the existing dying dinosaurs of print and go to direct publishing.

When you do your own editing, disasters such as this get through:

To aid his passage through the complex currents, Gerriod consulted a volvelle, an expensive piece of maritime equipment his father purchased at considerable expense from a Spriggan trader over half a century ago.

Emphasis added by me.

Dear god, who doesn’t that happen to? It happens to me all the time in this blog. But I’m not asking for people to give me money to read this.

Writer Matthew Gallagher warned about this next thing:

I downloaded the trailer for the next Pirates of the Caribbean film today. Wish I hadn’t. Now I’m feeling rather depressed.

Let me explain. Some time last year I wrote the following text on my Caliban’s End wiki.

…Originally Sefar and the Kheperans had tentacles at the base of their heads and their mouths lay under a grotesque collection of tendrils covering the bottom of their faces. Then Pirates of the Caribbean – Dead Man’s Chest came out and the promo trailer revealed a bunch of similar-looking individuals. My heart sank when I saw the antagonist (Davy Jones?) – he looked exactly as I had envisioned Sefar.

The final lesson offered by this blog is one of unexpected brilliance.

I expected to find a free chapter to download. But there wasn’t any. (There were mentions of podcasts, but I couldn’t find those links, either.)

Instead, the right sidebar is just genius. It’s a set of gorgeous illustrations with text underneath each one, apparently from one of the books. One of the illustrations is a twenty-eyed fish! That’s an absolutely fantastic way of promoting a book. And it’s also why you should go look at this blog — if just for that.

One Strange Way … Is Strange

November 6, 2008


I found this looking through a bunch of new Twitter Followers. One is @onestrangeway.

One Strange Way is the title of a “digital graphic novel with interactive features.” What it will run on, I don’t know.

There’s a development blog — but updates stopped in June. Updates seem to be via Twitter now.

Go to the site itself and see the video trailer. That’s where I stole that above illo.

Brandon Steili Drops iPhone For Treo Pro

November 6, 2008

Day 1: Diary of an iPhone User Gone Treo Pro

So, this one is going to come as a shock not only to some of you, but also to a lot of my fellow writers here at JAMM. I (self proclaimed iPhone fanboy) have received in the mail a review unit of the recently released Palm Treo Pro.

I’ve decided that since its been well over a year since I last used a WinMo device (short of for a couple minutes here and there), it might be interesting to keep track of things as I re-learn them. The iPhone has been my constant companion and I have really forgotten almost everything there was about WinMo, so much so that I found myself looking at the QuickStart guide within a couple minutes of even turning on the Treo. Not a fault of the Treo itself, but I’m really not off to a good start.

Oh for god’s sake!

How can his risk blowing up his brain by trying this?!

Doesn’t Apple have an 800-number so a Flying Squad can be dispatched to grab him before he does irreparable mind damage?

I’m afraid to read this series. He might want to kill himself by Day Three.