Brandon Steili Drops iPhone For Treo Pro

Day 1: Diary of an iPhone User Gone Treo Pro

So, this one is going to come as a shock not only to some of you, but also to a lot of my fellow writers here at JAMM. I (self proclaimed iPhone fanboy) have received in the mail a review unit of the recently released Palm Treo Pro.

I’ve decided that since its been well over a year since I last used a WinMo device (short of for a couple minutes here and there), it might be interesting to keep track of things as I re-learn them. The iPhone has been my constant companion and I have really forgotten almost everything there was about WinMo, so much so that I found myself looking at the QuickStart guide within a couple minutes of even turning on the Treo. Not a fault of the Treo itself, but I’m really not off to a good start.

Oh for god’s sake!

How can his risk blowing up his brain by trying this?!

Doesn’t Apple have an 800-number so a Flying Squad can be dispatched to grab him before he does irreparable mind damage?

I’m afraid to read this series. He might want to kill himself by Day Three.

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