Satan Island: Rescue Me!!!

Staten Island teen: Gang beat me while shouting ‘Obama’

No no no. That’s not the point of this post. The Comments are the point. Go read them. You’ll risk your brain exploding. This is what someone posted in reaction to the Comments:

I cannot believe what I am reading here.

I am so happy that there is a world outside of this boro.I have never read items more despicable, or disgusting than some of the material that many of you have presented. Living here is like living on another world.

I get elated that Obama won, I think that there might be hope for this country, and then by chance I read this crap that I am reading, and I get very pessimistic of our future. Someone please tell me that what I see in Staten ISland, is not typical of the rest of this country.

Some of you just write and send things that are so psychotic, and hateful, it is frightening. You show lack of thought, uncaring for others, racism,and so many horrible attributes that it makes me wonder where society went wrong to create such warped minds.

A psychiatrist, or psychologist would have a field day on this site.

This is really a beautiful boro occupied by people with twisted, distorted minds, who are so pre-occupied with themselves that they forget about the rest of mankind.

Yep, Satan Island summed up perfectly.

Rescue me!!!

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